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Hello! My name is Joy. I am a 29-year-old Agnostic cis-female heteroromantic pansexual who was diagnosed in April 2014 with high-functioning Autism. I learned that I have an IQ of 121, but my CARS 2-HF score is 38, which is in the range of "severe symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder."

I am an artist (I specialize in pencil portraits, but also like to draw fashion/costume concepts), a crafter (I make "Your Name [and other things] On A Grain Of Rice" jewelry and other accessories (bookmarks, keychains, etc), and an aspiring novelist... or at least, I have an enormous amount of world and character building done, but very little prose written and still can't decide if I want it to be a novel, a screenplay, or a graphic novel.

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Executive 1:  Every kid likes ‘em, so lets make a cartoon about ‘em!

Executive 2:  A TV show about a type of candy?

Executive 1:  No, no, no.  We’ll make them real bears, but they’ll talk, and it’s medieval times, and there’s magic.  Dragons, ogres, stuff like that.

Executive 2:  What does that have to do with Gummi Bears?

Executive 1:  …I already wrote the theme song.

I have little doubt that this was how it actually happened.

I like Executive 1. I totally loved that show.

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    Muthafuckin Gummi Bears!
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    I loved this show. I have thought about buying the dvds on amazon so may times…oh life.
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    And it’s an awesome theme song!
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    I like Executive 1. I totally loved that show.
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    I have little doubt that this was how it actually happened.
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