OHMYLORD. And I thought I couldn’t love the official DW blog more than I already did.


Day 04: What’s your favorite relationship on Doctor Who?

And on the fourth day of 30 Days of Summer Break Doctor Who, we ask another tough question: “What is your favorite relationship on Doctor Who?”

Relationships are complicated. They can exist between couples, friends, spouses, family, people, Silurians, monsters, TARDISes, and everything in between.

Tell us what your favorite relationship is on Doctor Who, post it to your blog and tag it ‘30 days of summer break doctor who’.

Although it goes against the eternal rules of the 30 Day Meme, we think it is MORE THAN OK for you to skip some days. But today is not one of those days.

Also, to remind people why we’re doing this, check out our short post from yesterday explaining our 30 Day meme… it’s about y’all, ya’ll:

Our idea for reblogging these is that there are episodes and series out there that some of us might never see unless our friends let us know just what we’re missing.

We’re also reblogging b/c we think that if you see someone who thinks the same stuff you do about the same things you do, you just might want to follow them.

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    OHMYLORD. And I thought I couldn’t love the official DW blog more than I already did.
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