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I couldn’t decide where I wanted Coulson to be sorted, so.

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Harry Potter is the first fandom to span across books, movies, stand-alone side books, stand-alone movies, an interactive website, video games, and an official stage play. That’s seven horcruxes. 

You’d best be afraid. 

Harry Potter is immortal. 

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muggleborn ravenclaws telling the pureblood wizard kids about muggle technology and laughing at their many many questions because both their lives seem so ridiculous to the other but because of those talks, kids from the oldest wizarding families were there to stand against voldemort

ravenclaws pestering dumbledore and flitwick to no end about adding new classes because really? no sex ed??? then handing out pamphlets and other literature about all sexuality and gender and when dumbledore finally gets someone to talk to them, the ravenclaws are the only ones not blushing 

ravenclaws working on projects in the common room, like cellphones that will work inside hogwarts, and everybody lending their knowledge until the whole house is abandoning thier homework trying to figure this out

ravenclaw tower having lights on all night for students not just reading but sketching and debating the intentions of politicians and writing stories

ravenclaw writers having coffehouse nights where they share those stories and their own poetry and even some music. the day before the students are passing around what they wrote around their classes so everyone proofreads it

ravenclaws taking gossip to a whole new level with notes folded up in origami animals who only open up to the intended reader

muggleborn ravenclaws running muggle libraries out of their rooms and constantly writing to their parents and friends back home to pass along books people request and copies of the hounds of baskerville passing through almost every students’ hand

first years learning to appreciate the upper student’s constructive criticism when they read over their work and learning that they’re in this house not because they’re smart but because they want to learn more

political debates over dinner being notoriously loud and passionate, even as passionate as the debates over who would be in what house if the song of ice and fire characters went to hogwarts

friends reading aloud to their friends with dyslexia who want to join in on the discussion of the newest classics, no matter how long the books are

keeping a pen pal system with beauxbatons to exchange ideas and compare classes, ravenclaws now using the french school’s expansive curriculum to argue for more of their own

when one person starts learning a new skill, they always find a few more people who want to join them. last year, knitting was all the rage. every student (and a few statues) got new scarfs

in the year during the war, ravenclaw house graffitis the carrows’ classroom with antivoldemort messages, getting so sneaky as to make the paint invisible to them. ravenclaw seventh years getting their friends out of the school whos families are being targeted because they don’t need a map to find the secret passages. house members learning esperanto and teaching it to the DA so their plans won’t be overheard and smirking as the carrows furiously try to make sense of the notes they caught them passing 


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When I used to think about Voldemort’s horcruxes I imagined a soul divided in equal portions residing in the different horcruxes and Voldemort himself. I realised that this can’t be true in The Half-Blood Prince Slughorn describes making a horcrux as splitting ones soul in two. This means that when Riddle made his Diary into a horcrux he split his soul in half and physically removed one half from his body and placed it in the diary. This means that he only had half of his soul left when he made his next horcrux, Marvolo’s ring. This half would have been split in half leaving only a quarter in Voldemort’s body. This goes on and on the amount of soul remaining in Voldemort halving each time he makes a horcrux until he had only 1/128 or 0.78125% left in his body.  As shown in the graph above.  So next time you wonder why Voldemort could have done some of things he did, remember how little human he had left in him. I don’t know about you but I think that this is crazy.

Come on guys, I didn’t do maths for 14 notes

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i wish more harry potter fic would focus on the fact the trio were teenagers in the 90’s think of what we could have

  • the muggleborn students bringing lisa frank notebooks to school to the bemusement of the other students only to start a sparkle rainbow unicorn phase
  • kids charming pokemon cards with the same magic used to make their photos move dont pretend you wouldnt want that
  • a desperate attempt from the teachers to put a stop to the pokemon card game (if one more duel breaks out over that goddamn shining charizard card) which fails because the students just end up charming them to keep the cards hidden
  • magical wizards taking advantage of the beanie baby craze and creating toys infused with magical properties - hippogriffs and doxy’s and a whole range of mini dragons that can breathe realistic fire. arthur weasley had to work three weeks straight to calm down the mess that started when muggle collectors somehow got hold of them
  • hermione bringing her portable cd player (and large bag of cds) to the burrow one evening to listen to some music while she does her work and having to explain to mr weasley it’s exact properties and function
  • harry finding an old tamagotchi in dudley’s old room and givng it to ron for a laugh. ron manages to kill it in five minutes
  • skip it vs quidditch arguments in the common rooms (what do you mean you just jump over it wheres the skill in that)
  • everyone knows the fresh prince of bel air theme tune, pureblood or not you know it
  • magically enchanted pogs (remember herpo the foul? he’s back, in pog form!)
  • denim on denim robes

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The New Harry Potter Paperback Box Set by J.K Rowling

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Can you imagine someone casting their first successful corporeal Patronus, but it comes out enormous and unidentifiable and it just keeps emerging out of their wand… everyone turns to watch, confused and concerned, and the caster just stares blankly at the Patronus until some nerd recognizes the shape and shouts, “Good lord, it’s a Blue Whale!”

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only the harry potter fandom would make me have feelings about color stripes.

"…if only one remembers to turn on the light."

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