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Hello! My name is Joy. I am a 29-year-old Agnostic cis-female heteroromantic pansexual who was diagnosed in April 2014 with high-functioning Autism. I learned that I have an IQ of 121, but my CARS 2-HF score is 38, which is in the range of "severe symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder."

I am an artist (I specialize in pencil portraits, but also like to draw fashion/costume concepts), a crafter (I make "Your Name [and other things] On A Grain Of Rice" jewelry and other accessories (bookmarks, keychains, etc), and an aspiring novelist... or at least, I have an enormous amount of world and character building done, but very little prose written and still can't decide if I want it to be a novel, a screenplay, or a graphic novel.

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824. The first vegan student is a muggleborn, and at the opening feast they don’t know what to eat and end up asking to go to bed before the rest. When they get to their dorm room, they find a house elf there who asks if they didn’t like the food and the muggleborn rushes to explain her predicament. The next day, all the dishes have little labels next to them that say things like ‘vegan’, ‘halal’, ‘lactose-free’, etc.


825. Deaf muggleborn students have created a charm that turns people’s voices into subtitles under their mouths. They then create a charm that puts voices to their signing.


812. A class is discussing djinns one day. A muggleborn solemnly says “Mr. Aladdin sir”, which causes many other muggleborns to break into hysterics but confuses the purebloods.






This is how I proposed to my boyfriend Lee :D

This post won’t stop getting notes! Thank you everyone :D

that’s because its so adorable!

perfect fucking proposal


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793. A muggleborn bringing Cards Against Humanity to Hogwarts and having to explain to purebloods what exactly tentacle porn is and why this Sarah Palin person is funny.


800. A muggleborn boy brings a couple of his LEGO sets to school to play with. Purebloods and some halfbloods don’t understand why he builds them with his hands instead of magic. Eventually, they realise that magic would defeat the purpose.


801. Muggleborns sneaking into other the houses’ common rooms to TP them the night before a Quidditch match. Purebloods are very confused when they wake up to a room covered in toilet paper.


805. A muggleborn brings in temporary tattoos, which fascinate the purebloods. For a while, it becomes the norm to see wizards walking around with brightly colored designs on their faces and arms. However, when a few Slytherins create Dark Mark-shaped ones to plaster on their friends as a prank, they are immediately punished and, to the disappointment of many, the tattoos are banned.