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Hello! My name is Joy. I am a 29-year-old Agnostic cis-female heteroromantic pansexual who was diagnosed in April 2014 with high-functioning Autism. I learned that I have an IQ of 121, but my CARS 2-HF score is 38, which is in the range of "severe symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder."

I am an artist (I specialize in pencil portraits, but also like to draw fashion/costume concepts), a crafter (I make "Your Name [and other things] On A Grain Of Rice" jewelry and other accessories (bookmarks, keychains, etc), and an aspiring novelist... or at least, I have an enormous amount of world and character building done, but very little prose written and still can't decide if I want it to be a novel, a screenplay, or a graphic novel.

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i think you can tell a lot about a person by which harry potter death caused them the most pain

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‘Say What?’


Robert Carlyle and White T-Shirt Porn 1/3

Something about these make me wish he could have played Snape in the HP movies. He would have been a bit closer to Snape’s actual age, and he has his own beautiful long hair, so wouldn’t need a wig, and he’s got more of that beaky kind of nose that book Snape actually has.

Okay, now I’m gonna go sulk about missed opportunities (no offense to Alan Rickman, because good god, he was brilliant, but Robert could’ve been great, too).

Maybe, just maybe, we could get Robert as the 12th Doctor? By the time Matt Smith chooses to leave the show, OUAT, based on its current ratings, would probably already be over, so he’d be free. And OMG, can you imagine another Scottish Doctor, and one played by Robert Carlyle? OMG, I want it SO BAD.


‘Courtship Advice’


Wow. I’m actually kind of sick to my stomach now.

Not that I am surprised that he wasn’t nominated for Snape…

But after his whole like… career…? HOW is this true?

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They are the bestest of Friends!



Scaring Rapunzel!

Dashing Duo!

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