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Fact #1057


McGann hasn’t aged because somewhere in his attic is the original reel of the TV Movie, aging.

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Joy’s Note: OMG, that’s SO AWESOME! Thanks for showing me this! You know me so well. :-D

One of these days I’m gonna get around to watching Farscape, too.

Also, here’s the source for the artwork in the link; somehow that post didn’t have it:



There is no simulated motion blur in the movie, in order to make the movie feel like a stop-motion LEGO film. Instead, when scenes called for characters to move quickly, the animators constructed LEGO brick “streaks” in the same colors as the character.

The LEGO Movie (2014)

Fact #1037


William Hartnell hasn’t died. He regenerated into Richard Hurndall. Richard Hurndall hasn’t died. He regenerated into David Bradley.


Imagine the Twelfth Doctor trying to run awkwardly from Daleks.


Salina Turda | Transylvania, Romania

Salina Turda is a centuries-old salt mine in Romania that has been converted into an underground tourist attraction complete with rides, a museum, and health spa. Visitors to the mine can go boating on an underground lake, attend a concert in a 180-seat amphitheater, and ride a carousel deep within a salt cavern. [ x ]

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Fact #1016


Katy Manning was actually the third Doctor, but was overshadowed by Jon Pertwee. Big Finish created the Iris Wildtyme series to attempt to make up for that injustice.

Fact #994


Nicola Bryant can actually do a perfect American accent. She’s the first companion that The Doctor ever revealed his true name to. It just so happens that his name is Dak Terr.

Fact #840


Colin Baker was, in fact, given the black longcoat he requested from the wardrobe department. However, prolonged contact with such a sweet and wonderful man caused the formerly somber garment to manifest kittens and rainbows.