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Hello! My name is Joy. I am a 29-year-old Agnostic cis-female heteroromantic pansexual who was diagnosed in April 2014 with high-functioning Autism. I learned that I have an IQ of 121, but my CARS 2-HF score is 38, which is in the range of "severe symptoms of an autism spectrum disorder."

I am an artist (I specialize in pencil portraits, but also like to draw fashion/costume concepts), a crafter (I make "Your Name [and other things] On A Grain Of Rice" jewelry and other accessories (bookmarks, keychains, etc), and an aspiring novelist... or at least, I have an enormous amount of world and character building done, but very little prose written and still can't decide if I want it to be a novel, a screenplay, or a graphic novel.

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#I like how he is genuinely impressed

reminder that this was improv by tom. he was only meant to eye goyle sceptically, but instead he added this line and they kept it.

Just another reason why Tom is awesome.

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When Harry left Hogwarts: Part 3 [x] - Tom Felton 
*9A stars

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Wand fights through the years according to Tom Felton.

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Oh this will probably follow him for the rest of his acting career. >.>

I remembered on the first day of the shoot, Rupert [the director] said, ‘Yeah, it’s great, but I want you to have bleached-blond hair.’ I looked at him, like, ‘Ah, you are kidding, mate. I just managed to get rid of the blond hair, how can you possibly want it back?’ So I eventually said, ‘Yeah, fine. Okay, I’ll do it.’ And then he burst out laughing; he just wanted me to answer that. That was a nice way to break the ice with the director. From then on, I felt more comfortable filming with him.
Tom Felton [on breaking the ice on Rise of the Planet of the Apes set] (via everybody8lies)



Best. Response. Ever.


Forever reblog!

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